What type of fins do you use?

I use fcs f-7’s and am for fcs and usually vector 3/2’s with a hatchet fin. I just picked up a set of vector YU’s in the G-10 material(and wish the rain would quit so I could try them out.

And I don’t care where they’re made.

Probably not an answer to your question but, ARCHIVES! If you read 10 pages about fins you will leave hear knowing a hell of a lot more!

Hey Jeff…after much experimentation Im using FCS R’s fronts and G-3k center for average conditions. I get better hook with it. My boards now have less tail rocker than years past (ease of speed - flyes across flats better) and with a touch more toein Im getting more range out of my 6’4 shorties. I bought the FG-7s but noticed they slowed the board down a bit in avg surf…I detailed the setup and noticed the FGs have about 2 degrees more toein built into them…theyre also offset rearwards about 1/4". I made a new EPS/PVC sandwich board (see pic) and plan to test the FGs again. I also have a rocker’d out thumb tail for bigger/power surf…havent been able to dial in this one cuz we havent had real power in a while…rocker/contour may be off…still experimenting with it.

PS - any word on new stringer setups?

Josh, I have just about every set of fins made from fcs and futures, with the exceptions of some sizes that I KNOW that I’ll NEVER use. Not really looking for feedback, just curious about what others use on their daily drivers.

meecrafty, pretty interesting board, hope you get the chance to test it soon.

BTW, the fcs go on the Halun, hollow carbon fiber boards and the futures are for everything made with foam.