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I’m a British surfer who has recently bought a secondhand board with a Fintech fin sysytem. This is similar to the regular FCS fin systems but requires different fins. If anybody out there has heard of this system, or has or knows of where spare fins may be available it wld be great if you cld email me. I’ve searched the web and it returns a link to a shop in Australia. But the email & fax details for this store don’t appear current, so I fear the place may be shut… I’m holding out hope however that I am not the only person in the world with this system, and prey someone can help!!

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roger, sad news for you today im sorry, fintech was designed by a guy named barry jolly on the gold coast many years ago. it was prone to fins breaking easily and the plug staying in the board. the company stopped production at least 5 years ago, we have retro fitted quite a few boards that customers bring in with that system because we couldnt get fins any more!

fintech was bought by OAM. they now use a different system. there is virtually none of the plugs or fins left in existance. your best bet to get the board back in the water is to use fin solutions plugs or fcs plugs, cheers dave

When I first srarted i used finteck exclusively as a mate had a part of the company . Finsolutions will route into the area easily . goodluck

Hey Rog,

I have a friend that worked in the factory in ipswich where the system was originally made. Around 2 yrs ago he asked me if I had any use for these fins he had. Turned out there was around 80 thruster sets and around 30 plugs in a dusty old box.Let me know what you need and I’ll see what I can do. At this stage I’ve prob got 2 dozen various fins and a handful of plugs. Nearly all the rest have been sent out all over the place or had the fin bases cut down to go in the fin solutions plugs. The last run of fins and plugs had no real problems and were easy to get in the bases.

Had a guy call me today about some fintec fins for a board I made him years ago . I 'll see what he wants and get back to you.

Thanks alot mate.


Hey DD, thats excellent news!! The board I have came with Fintech FX5 fins, so I’d be looking for something similar. But if I have to change each fin that wouldn’t be a problem. If you can get hold of some of these fins I’ll take at least 3, if not more. At the moment the plugs are ok, but it may be a good bet to get some replacements too. So see if you can get 3 fins, 3plugs?

Let me know how you get on. I can wire cash, or if you have a paypall account, I can send it there.

Thanks so much, hopefully I’ll be back in the water soon!!


As a matter of intrest what is the brand of your board.

Its a black magic board, which I suspect is/was only a local brand to wherever the board was made…



hi guys i’m also looking for a set of fin funnily enough i bought a secong hand board last week and it has the same fins too i can’t believe they’re so hard to get please include me pay u for them + BIG thanks~!!!


Hey Adam… I never got any further with the fintech fins… I’m sure there are some out there though… I’ve ended up getting a regular FCS fin custom fitted to the fintech plugs… makes it hard[er] to travel with my board, as they are glued in, but at least the board isn’t redundant.

Good luck… post again if you get any joy.


Roger, London, UK

Sorry, I did not think to post this before. Barry Jolly is/was the man behind Fin Tech. The most recent e-mail address I have for him is It was good last spring. Hopefully, it still is.

wow small world , barry is over seas at the moment , but im scheduled to meet him after he gets back , i will pass on this information …

i just learnt the other day , that barry took on fcs and won , and it was established that anyone could make after market fins to fit in another fin system , without breaking any laws …

because fins are now considered accessories …



Howzit Bert,That’s good, I was talking to Mitch of ProBox the other day and he was telling me that they had been in touch with FCS about buying fins form them and they were not acceptable to the idea so ProBox will be making their own plastic fins and supposidly the boxes and fins will coat about $25.00 a set. It would have been a win win situation for both companies but FCS wouldn’t agree to it. I’m getting more and more orders for the ProBox system these days and I think ProBox is here to stay.Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Wildog?!? I talked to Mitch about that too. Sounds like a great idea for those guys, and will make it easier to sell the system by having fins and boxes as a set. Should check with Jimmy Lokbox when he gets here, you could be the LB guy over here also. Too bad about FCS arrogant establishment attitude. I’ve got to deliver some shaped blanks to BASA for Nihi, maybe tomorrow, and I’ll connect with you for some fin system supplies. Aloha…RH

Howzit Rick, Jim is going to stop by while on Kauai per your suggestion. We're thinking Kauai is to small for am actual rep but we are going to work something out to get the LokBox system here. I'll probably just carry his system so it's available. If you are coming by be sure to call first so I can get your stuff together and to make sure I'll be here. I also got him in touch with Sherry B. so Jim and his wife will be staying in their studio.Aloha,Wildog

Hey guys looking forward to meeting up with you while there. Hambone used to use it quite bit with bonzers and stuff but then Clyde and John started coming on with the edge system. I decided to back off in respect to all of them. Billy wanted to support his boys and i totally respect that. I’ve always felt that this sytem could be good for the kauai guys due to it’s strength and adjustability for the wide array of surf on the island. That being said i’m stoked you guys would even entertain it, and if you just offer it, it means i can come back again next year and maybe get the bejeesus scared outta me at voodoo reef! Lol

I used ProBox for the first time last weekend. What a smooth system. I think it took me 5 mins to install all three fins. And they turned out perfect, and they have quite a few options on tweeking the cant & fins cluster. Jig / template / resin dam all in one smooth application.

I’m sold on it.

Not intending to hijack the thread but this is relevant…

My 9’4" has a 3 fin setup, box middle & Fin solutions (FS) side biters. Heres the thing…FS have made their inserts to fit FCS but not the other way around. Because FS fins have a solid top, not tabs, you can insert FCS fins in their mounts (the allen keys even line up!)but you obviously can’t fit FS into FCS. Just an example of how OTHER companies are being accommodating to what is out on the market ATM.

If you need photos I can post em!


Howzit wheels, Feral Dave sent me a Fins Solution set up about a year ago and am waiting to install it on a personal board. The problem at the time was they only had 1 fin template for the system, but like you said FCS fits in the system. Another thing is the system comes from Aus and that's a long ways away from Kauai.Aloha,Kokua