Firewire Glassing

Guys, just interested in knowing if anyone has any experiences with
firewire boards having weak glassing or de-laminating problems.
Firewire advertise that they are stronger then a reg PU board. But my
experience thus far is they dent easily. Should i have significant
depressions on the top deck from the very first surf, should the tail
area which i have a tail pad on have sunken in to the shape of my back

I read other peoples reviews and some say the durability is great and have no significant deck depressions from 6 to 12 months. I know there not industructable and like any board will snap, just interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on the durability of the glassing. any info would be great guys. Thanks!!!

well i cant say much because i havent seen one since they were made from corecell.

the corecell ones looked pretty good to me

i heard the skins are now made of warvel polyurethane which would do the things you say happen

i believe personally from the amount of bad reports that the owners took a good thing

and turned it into a peice of shit

Go to the SurferMagazine discussion forum, design section and ask the same question.  Mark Price the director of marketing monitors that forum.  You’ll probably get a quick response.  I’d ask for a replacement.


I just got a 6'-2 Taj in for repair.  The owner's back foot went thru the deck under the track pad and then buckled it the next day.  The F/W only lasted 2 months.  The kid had to go back to his 2 year old poly.  I can take some pics of the damage if you are interested.  They only used the Warvel p/u foam for a short while.  This one appears to use corecell.  I have pieces of one that was made with the Warvel foam.



Hi silly

i did send it back, they first tried to get out of it, It took 3 weeks to get the initial response. I had to send a letter and few pics of me surfing, some older boards and my current PU board to show that the dents where nothing i had experienced in my 24 years of surfing. Just got the call to say they will replace it. So i am glad they did the right thing by me. Just bummed to be told I’ll have to wait as they have no 6’4 Taj’s in Oz until mid sept. The board i had was an older Taj model which has the springer visible on deck. I see the newer models are different and less prone to defects. Anyone tried the newer Taj model? i didn’t have a problem with the performance of the board i’ve riden it in 4-6 and it when good in two foot slop too.


hi Dave_D

is the 6-2 taj for repair the newer model or an older model with the springer visible on deck? It be good to know as i haven’t decided i which model board i will get them to replace for my defective Taj.

Thanks!!! has a forum...

lot's of good info and quick responses.

yeah corecell should be ok but not always. if the glass under is to light or they spackle/paint it to make it white there will be issues. corecell is an okay material but it has nothing on wood for compression strength. both in point load and snaping


The springer is visible on this one.