First Biscuit Template

What do you guys think of this? This is my first template and I just want to know what you think before I get underway. Special thanks to Live4Truth for letting me modify one of his templates.

looks great, thinking of doing something similar…

Dont forget to post pics…

Hey Snap…template looks great and I can’t wait for that thread with pics. Here is another board you may appreciate…

template looks great, did you ever shape that, if so any pics? btw, I will definitely start a thread with pictures, but probably won’t be for a little bit. still have to order a couple more things.

I really like the lines on it your template snap10! I’m about to hotcoat the bottom of a very similar biscuit-esque board I just did. Its hard to tell from the AKU pdf but are you going single concave through the wide point and tail?

honestly I don’t know yet: this is my first board and I dont want to make it complicated: I was thinking of just using the natural rocker, or if anything a single concave: What do you guys think?

Only do what you are comfortable with. If you can get a Biscuit or similar board in hand, then you can use it as a physical reference point. I did this for the concaves on my board, I measured an original board I had on hand and quite literally felt my way through it.

What blank are you working with?

62 US Blanks Fish Blank, thanks for the help.

Here is a picture of my Biscuit-esqe shape.