First Board Complete - Thanks Swaylock's - pics

Here are some more pics of my first shaping attempt after glassing. It’s 7’0" by 16"N, 21-1/2", 15"T and 2 3/4, I modeled it after a Gary Hanel. Many thanks to everyone at Swayock’s who gave me pointers, and thanks for the archives! I’ve only surfed it once and the waves were a bit mushy and small but I think it goes OK, at least for a first time shaping attempt (bit of a kink in the nose foiling). I had it glassed at Moonlight and they did a terrific job. For those of you who might have wondered how the Krylon H2O paint works that is what I used. If you don’t have an airbrush set up it is fine. Just be careful because I went too fast at first and it bled under the tape.

I also put some pics of my second board, a ten foot noserider that just got dropped off at Moonlight last week. With the Clark Foam fiasco I guess it will be a while until I do another.

The Egg:

The longboard:

looks really good. at least you got your ten footboard project done before the clark foam fiasco. some of us wherent as fortunate.

I really like the newsprint inlay. I would never have thought of that! Gives you something to read on flat days… (ha ha)

Nice first efforts!

ha! if you look closely you’ll see a story about some guy who made blanks going out of business…

good job !

support Moonlight Glassing …yes !


can you please post up the longboard too, when glassed ? …thanks !