First board (finally). Comments + help welcome

Hi everybody,

thanks to all the people on this forum who inspired and educated me, I’m finally shaping my first board. I choose a Fish (of course), but I tweaked the template a little, slightly pulled-in nose, and slightly narrower than most I’ve seen.

I’m 37, lame surfer, 6’2" and 190 lb. any comment on the template I came up with welcome.

the board is 6’0"x 21 1/4 x 2 3/4 (roughly)

As for the rocker, I used a 6’2" c with standard rocker, and I kept as much of the thickness of the blank as I could, I think I’m around 2 3/4 in the thickest point

As you can see, I’m still not done with the rails, but it’s coming out nice, despite the fact that I don’t really have a space that’s appropriate for this, I’m using two chairs as stands, and I have to rush things before my wife comes back in town.

I’m also doing all by hand, as I tried a power planer to skin the blank, and then spent over an hour to fix all the damage I had done to the surface.

couple more pics:

now, after all your comments (and if I survive them), let’s get started with the questions:

-I’m wondering in which way it would feel different if I use traditional, double foiled keel fins (straight or 1/8" toed in), or the slightly smaller, single foiled (think CI fish fin template), toed in and cant. And If I choose, let’s say, the lokbox system, and put the boxes in with 1/8" toe in angle, would it still work fine with both kind (like I can swap them inbetween sessions?)

-Glassing: I know you guys probably don’t approve of this, but I’m so excited about this board, that I don’t wanna take the risk of messing it up with a lame glass job (besides, I really don’t know where I could do it), therefore: Can anybody reccomend an affordable glass shop in S.Diego? I have called a couple of the big ones, and they were asking over $ 200, and without anything fancy (not even gloss coat), not to mention the 4 weeks waiting list. I know glassing is bad stuff, but that price is out of the world, I think: I bought a new board from a shaper for 260. any suggestion, or reference, or discount, anything welcome.

-one last thing: this morning, while taking the board inside, I put a small dent in one of the rails (D…MN), nothing huge, it’s like 1/3" deep, and in a “non functional” area(near the nose), should I try to fill it in (with what)? should I just let the glasser go over it and fill with resin? should I just sand down the rail (on both sides) and lose 1/3" on each side? (I know this last one sounds dumb, but hey, i’m open)

I also remember someone menioning a shaping/glassing fest in SD sometime soon, if that’s coming I’d love to take my baby there, see if anybody can help me grow it :wink:

thanks again everybody,

and please, post comments/answers



let’s say I decide to do the glassing myself, and I decide to go with RR epoxy because I’m somehow convinced that it’s friendlier/less toxic: Can I find it anywhere in San Diego? Or do I need to order it in the mail? And How much of it do I need?



  1. shaping/glassing event in San Diego - see post in EVENTS section of Swaylocks. It’s one month from now and you’re welcome to show up w/ your board, you’ll get lots of pointers, hints, etc. And help if you want it.

  2. RR epoxy - not available in San Diego as far as I know, but you can mail order easy enough. I think a gallon kit is the smallest size but I could be wrong there…