first board for a friend

so my friend asked me if i could build him a board for over the summer. he hasnt surfed before and was thinking of buying a short board for his first. i talked him out of that and told him i could make him a nice 7-8’ funboard/mini longboard so he could enjoy learning. i also tried to keep it so it can be used in larger surf up to about head high. single removable fin, moderate rocker, and enough float so its easy to catch waves.for glassing i was going to go with 6x2 with a bamboo veneer in between for the top and 1x6 bottom. i attached what i made in aku shaper.

please critique this board. this will be my 5th and i want it to work properly and look great since it is for someone else.

dont know why it didnt attach

my 2 cents,

make the tail 1 3/4" narrower

thanks. i pulled it in and it looks better.

Other than that it looks good!