First board, Glassing problems.

So I just started glassing my first shaped board and have already ran into a few problems.  I just glassed the bottom (only 1 layer) and it seems un-even in places.  Like some parts dip in a tiny bit and others are raised a little bit (very little, but still there).  Can this be fixed during the hot coat/sanding at the end?  My next problem was that I glassed over my fin boxes…and I’m not sure how to un-cover them (quad system, future fins).   Lastly, when should I install my leash plug, and what’s my next step?  I think  I only have enough fiberglass for one more single layer on the deck, so should this layer be cut for overlap?  And after that step I let it dry and go to the hot coat then sanding?  What tools do you guys use for the finishing sanding touches?  I think that is all the questions I have…thank you so much for all your help, sorry for all of the newbie questions!!

-Daniel Keating

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your lam maybe following your poorly shaped blank.

maybe a double hotcoat will give you enough to even things out

the future boxs should be a little proud (hi) so after the hot coat is on just sand them flush.

you should search discussions that have already taken place.

Leash plug after hotcoat

hotcoat over fin box and sand to take down the high flange around the opening and it will open up cause you are sanding the high spots down even.

do more than one layer on deck.

I don’t know what you are talking about with the uneven lam. Maybe put some pictures.make sure lam is tight and shape is clean. hot coat and sanding smooths stuff out though…to some extent.

 good luck

Pictues…we need pictures. Really does help us all to “see” what you need help with…too often word descriptions just don’t cut it. Pictures tell what a thousand words cannot.


Okay thank you!  Where can I find solid archives?

Thank you!

I already put the fin boxes in under my first lam…is that bad?  And would 2 layers be fine for the deck?  If I did 2, and I’m doing color should one be color and one be clear, or both color?  Or does it really matter?

Thanks for your help!  Here’s a pic of the uneven lam…I’ll try to add more.


Okay thank you!  Where can I find solid archives?


There’s one pic above, and this one shows the blotchy-ness a bit better too. 

I did not…

oh boy…


so you did not tape the futures boxes? then you are in for a lot of work the easist of which is re-routing and replacing them. A single 4 ounce deck is going to be fairly week, Think pro glass jobs that re only intended to be surfed for a few sessions and then tossed. Id get some more cloth if you intend to keep it around a bit,