First board photos

I was going through some old stuff and I found pictures from riding the first board I shaped at Hermosa in Costa Rica

i shaped about a dozen or so boards , really learned a lot about boards through the shaping process. sways was really helpful , loads of information and very helpful people

anyway thought I’d share the photos, proving a handmade board will work 



Got any pics of the board itself?   

Not that I can put my hands on right now, I shaped it almost 20 years ago. I will take it down from the rafters in the garage and get some shots later today. I held on to #1 , all the rest have been sold, given away

BTW Gdaddy thanks for all your input to the threads over the years, 



Some pics of the board

i rough shaped in my garage( 7’4 R Clark ) 7’0 x 20.75 x 2.75 , Red x fins

Talked to my friend Tim Nolte of Tim Nolte Surfboards about glassing it for me .

He graciously offered to let me you one of his shaping bays to finish it before laminating. The lighting in a good bay is SO Helpful, big difference to the terrible lighting in my garage. He coached me a bit and offered a critique, ( bring the stringer down, better finish sanding, helped me understand the rails a bit better etc).

He sprayed and laminated it, so I didn’t do the job start to finish ( I wasn’t going to try to lam in my garage) 

The rails aren’t symmetrical left to right , outline in the nose is off a bit , but she works 


That’s a far better outcome than my first board.  Kudos

I’m impressed. Looks like a solid all around shape for real waves. Way to go. Any other pics of boards you’ve shaped? I love seeing what other backyarders are doing 

Well it could take a drop.  That’s for sure.

That board wasn’t supposed to be that pulled and gunny, haha got away from me

Not sure how many photos I’ve got . I shaped more fish than anything , I do still have the last one I shaped. It’s a kneeboard , I’ll dig it out and get some photos. I was rushing and wasn’t particularly happy, rides good just a lot of small stuff