First "Build" thread (attempt)... second board...

Hello Guys,


Here’s my attempt at a build thread.


A re-shape for my daughters.


This is my second time shaping, but will be my first complete board… i’m working off an old single-fin that a friend gave to me. It didn’t have any signature or logo on it so it’s origin is unknown (to me). The only indentifiable element to the foam ittself is that to has a redwood stringer. Unfortunately, i didnt get any pics of it before i ripped all the glass of and cut about 14" off the tail (right above the old fin box).

After i cut off the tail… i looked down the board and noticed that it was extremely twisted in relation to the stringer. I lost a good bit of foam just trying to level it out. I also had to clean out a 3" diameter x 2+ inch deep hole in the bottom where someone had filled the hole with wadded up duck tape and resin. (interesting fix). Anyway, i cleaned it out and plugged it with foam from the tail i cut off. I also had to glue a 12" split that i created while removing the fin box. (lesson learned on that one… DOH!)

Did i i screwed up by using gorilla glue for the plug and split? I’ve noticed that it doesnt sand like the foam does. You can see the split in the pic below that has the board shaped and sitting on the racks. It’s the line to the right of the stringer on the tail. Im thinking i should have used resin. I just didn’t have any on hand and my time to work on these is currently limited.

The first three pics show it after cleaning the paint off the deck and smoothing the bottom a little bit.

Dims so far 5’5" x 19ish x 2-7/8"


I imported the above pics into Adobe Illustrator, scaled the up to full size and then drew my shape out in there, i looked at alot of egg shaped and longboard shapes for ideas. It worked pretty well with the shape i ended up with based on fitting it inside the existing shape. After i got to a shape i was happy with, i  took measurements at  4" incriments and used that to plot out the profile on a piece of backing from my entertainment center. I connected the dots, cut it, cleaned it, and had my template. You can see where i used a Twilight poster for the template for my first board. My wife used to work at blockbuster and brought that home. It is a thin pvc and worked pretty good tough it has since warped a bit.

Here is the rough cut shape…

4’-10" x 16-1/2 x 2-7/8


Here it is shaped (mostly)… I’m going to take a pic of the bottom as well. After reworking the rocker… I decided to try my hand at putting a concave in the bottom. I’ve never seen anyone do one. The pic will also show where i plugged the hole and used gorilla glue. I hope that wasn’t a big mistake!

4’-10" x 16-1/4 x 2-3/8±


I’m still trying to figure out what kind of fin setup to do on this. Single? Side bites? Thr I am hoping to find a balance of good function with being able to use “kid friendly” fins. Any of you guys have any suggestions?

Go with a 2+1. You can buy a fin box addition from FCS that you put in so that you can do a thruster setup too. (Its 20 dollars I think) It also lets you put in those rubber fins for the littles.



Update… i finally go some paint on this. It’s been sittng for quite a while. Nearing completion though…

I decided to make and glass on a wood fin. This will be my first glass job.

i plan on keeping the bottom clear and just putting a logo and one of my handprints to cover a spot where i had to patch in a piece of foam. I also plan on randomly sprinkling different colors of glitter on the wet lam coat on the bottom. I’ve never seen that done and it seems it would be pretty cool to have some glitter “floating” in the glass. i cant wait to see how that looks. =)

Kids are cool.......

Lam the board....pour glitter into the palm of your hand.....blow.....

It may sound weird but I've done more than one glitter experiment...and I've had several offline discusions about glitter. You have the right idea...go for it!..........

I like just a little dust over the board........ gotta let the kids decide on this project....

Stingray   :)

whoops...double post...

This board has been finished for a while but im finally getting around to posting a couple of finished pics. The bottom and rails are painted with a pink glitter paint and the deck has a silver (clear) glitter paint. It’s hard to get pics that show the glitter well but my daughter LOVES it.

I installed a single set of fcs plugs and am currently playing with a few different fins. This was my first time glassing, sanding, & polishing. Polishing a board really shows you every detail, scratch, dip, bump, etc… It’s not perfect by any stretch but i learned alot. =)

I also started working at a local shop doing ding repair and sign work so i have a shop to do my stuff in as well! =)


that board is way cool

another stoked kid

and proud father


nice job

Sick Job, that board will be with her forever, it has heart and soul put into it, that will always be in the family.

My sentiments precisely !!

I have a son almost 3,  and I can’t wait to see the expression on his face when he receives “His” first board !!

 The picture say’s it all, one very stoked grommet !!

A job well done.



Great job...i hope it surfs as well as it looks...have fun