First ding repair?

It finally happened. Leaned it up like a bonehead to spray it off and it fell. 


So I’ve watched a lot of YouTube and wanted to run it by the pros. 


For this one do I need to remove the glass around the punctured stuff or simply overfill?


Instead of doing the entire cloth overlay (since on a rail) could I simply fill with lots of cloth chopped up into the resin? Slightly overfill and sand flush to call it good?

Thanks for any and all help. Trying to fix it correctly - no shortcuts, but don’t want to overdo it as well and mess up more around it. 

Found a good one from fiberglass Hawaii. Gonna follow it. Thanks

Best not to repair over any glass not still attached to foam.

I would cut away any loose fiberglass, fill with pigmented resin & thickener, sand a little below flush, and a fiberglass patch over, feather the edges.

I’ve been patching my own dings for longer than I can remember - but I’m not a pro.