First Ever Annual Fat Penguin StoryFest: Roast

There once was a man from Nantucket Who tried his Fat Penguin to dive-duck it “Why this joke doesn’t surf” He screamed without mirth And as for his Fat Penguin: he chucked it.

im sorry, but personally i dont beleive the design untill i see it in proof. i always hear storeis of a video with great footage, but have we ever seen it? untill then ill keep the penguins skinny

…My daughters love penguins.Everytime we go to Sea World,we head straight to the Penguin exhibit.I like the way a penguin flows thru the water…smooth…effortlessly…clean…BURRRRRR!It’s Cold in there! …Let’s go checkout the Sharks and feed some batrays! …Then to the sky tower …I can checkout DogBeach from there with my binocs.Herb

I lived on Phillip Island for many years. Phillip Island, apart from its consistent southern ocean swells, is world famous for its penguin parade at Sutherlands Beach near the western end of the island. On any evening around dusk, winter or summer, hoards of tourists will gather, in anticipation of seeing a handfull of Fairy Penguins ungraciously waddling their way up the beach to their nests. There are grandstands, penguin walkways and lots of bright spot-lights, not to mention the marketing that is pushed in your face at the modern information centre. If there’s a gimmick, they’re onto it. There used to be thousands of penguins performing the evening ritual, not only at this beach, but at hundreds of other beaches on the coast, and probably around the world. But now, due to a lack of ability to stay out of the limelight, coupled with an inability to out-perform their predators, they are a declining species. Some die due to their inability to adapt to the modern man-made flotsam and jetsam encountered in their day to day life. They just can’t deal with it. If they want to survive, and hopefully multiply, it seems they should stick together, and stay in safe isolated places, well away from the mainstream, keeping very low-key and quiet. This way they can naturally develop and won’t bring their obvious vulnerability to the attention of their predators. Then, and only then, will they have a chance at survival, and perhaps even multiply. Until then, life goes on as normal.

There are 17 species of Penguin…My favorite is the Emporer Penguin. The reason I like them is beacuse, they are in my mind one of the most enduring and hardy creatures on the planet…they help me belive theres a reason to persist no matter how hard it gets… Some interesting information about these Humble and fine feathered friends… They are the largest of the Penguins, they stand up to 40" tall and weigh 88 pounds…they dont build nests or defend territory they use their bodies to incubate and raise their young…males will stay with the egg for 9 weeks without eating and keep it on their feet with a fold of skin wraped over the top…all the males huddle together in the sub arctic temperatures to keep warm. By the time the female has returned to start feeding the chick the male will have lost up to a third in his body weight, and then he goes of for a week on a long waddle 60 miles to find food… Emporer Penguin on average will dive 700’ to find particular types of food…the record stands at 1700’ and 22 mins under… I belive we have a worthy and charming mascot…Penguins Unite !

Thanks T.E. I enjoyed that, seriously. It was both interesting and believable. I think that that was the most interesting post of yours that I have read to date.

i dunno man-seems like they got their gender roles reversed man…