First Glass Job - Questions


I just finished shaping my first board, a 5'10" fish and was hoping someone with more experience could point me in the right direction when it comes to the process and products to glass a board. I'm looking to go the epoxy rout.

What brand of epoxy should I be purchasing?

Do I need to purchase different epoxy types for the various coats? Laminate coat vs. gloss coat etc.

What is the step by step process, I would also like to add color?

Do I need to clean or sand the board before/between coats?


Thanks in advance.


try a search


look up epoxy glassing

All your questions have been answered over and over. There is ALL you need to know in the archives. Check it out, you’ll learn a lot!


Welcome to the addition. Depending on your location, there are probably members who could help you with more hands on type information.

lot's of good info in the link above...

Afoaf, can you post a link to BamBam's glassing video... i can't find it and would like to see it again myself

watch it over and over and over again.

You should first buy Greg Loehr's Epoxy 101 video and watch it.  Then do a search here on Swaylock's.  You'll find a lot of helpful, but sometimes conflicting information here.  If someone says something that conflicts what you saw in the video, then disregard it.  Pay special attention to epoxy related posts by Greg Loehr, Resinhead, and Stingray.  These guys have contributed a lot of good info on the supject.  Disregard anything you see from me.  I don't know what I'm talking about.


I don't know what I'm talking about.


ha ha, me too!

that BammBamm video is great. thanks for posting it Afoaf...

what grit do you guys think he's using on the 4" grinder for the laps?

At the top right hand side of the page there is a blank box. That's the search box. I typed in the word Epoxy and suprise suprise, suprise! I found a thread all about some dude that wanted to glass his first board. Here's the link ......

Chrisp, I use 220 discs on the laps with a real light touch. But I think the pros go 80-120 grit.

Hi there.

Just thought my question would fit here. (and yes: I have found and used the search box ;))

Got a little problem: I used colours that were waterresistant and so were dissolved by the Polyresin I used for the glassing. Looks very nasty…

Can I lacquer the glassing black to cover the messed up colours and do the hot coat over this or would this corrupt the bondage between hot coat and glassing?

Please help me… I’m afraid I have to get the board done until tomorrow!!!




nah mate dont put anything between your lam and your hotcoat.

Hot/filler coat the board and if it still looks like shit then spray paint it. tape up the stringer and hit it with any colour you fancy then either gloss/finish coat it or clear lacquer or if you have the gear auto 2pack. it's just a surfboard dont get too worked up over it.

Maybe start a new thread for a question thats not so related to the original.

Good luck.