First quad built

First quad + extra box built, I hope it works. i have been wanting to see if a thruster / quad type thing would work so i went with proboxes so i could try different settings. The proboxes hold onto the FCS fins i have really sold! I do need to get some smaller fin sets.






stick gl fins in first, you have those?

otherwise gxdouble foiled or g1000 sides

shape is looking fun

way too much fin area ther, but you already knew that ...look like you have a few front set options but take wouters advice, get some smaller double foils for the rears, and if you gunna ride it with all 5 fins, I'd go for the smaller set for the rears and even smaller again for the tail, all double foils except the front two.....ride it as a quaddy for a while, then tyr diff set ups, be surprised if the others work better than the quad if set up right....interested to hear how she goes with diff fins....


I just wanted to take a few pics of fins in it. I’ll take your advise and pickup a set of the GL fins i dont have any. Thanks guys