First Resin Swirl

First time using resin pigment ,first time doing cut lap ,first time SWIRL ! I’m stoked ! Hot coat not applied yet.

Here’s my questions…

You can’t read the writing on the stringer ,any suggestions?

I’m happy with the light blue color on the deck but how would I make it more transparent on future jobs.

If I pre-mix some color with Laminating resin can it be saved in a small container like a baby food jar without going bad?

I was told that the first color to hit the cloth is the final color ,what if clear resin hits the cloth first?

I will post more photos when the board is finished.

All comments, criticism, and suggestions welcome.



Ray. that looks great. Blue Swirls are so cooooool, the deck side is that paint or did you resin tint that as well? sorry I am not any help for your questions but good work anyway…

All Resin…

well done .

nice !

…maybe just write your dimensions on the deck, behind your leg rope plug ?


Hot-coat, sand, then re-write over your previous writing using a posca pen with a fine point. Works great, just allow to dry before glossing. Not experienced enough with colors to answer the other questions, except maybe about color transparency on deck side: did you use white pigment to get that light blue? If so, use less. Tints stay clear, pigments tend to opacify (is that the correct word?)

If you want it more transparent, use a tint instead of opaque colorant. Just put a couple of drops of white to get a slight hazy color if necessary. Also if you want to have your signature show up write your name & specs on some rice paper, do your lamination. Then put the rice paper on top of the lamination the hit it with a smidge of lam resin, let kick, and hot coat the whole thing.


Mixed white and blue pigment to get light blue. Lam and posca pens sound like good ideas.

Thanks for the input everyone.


Both boards that I’ve done to date have been cutlapped and swirled, so I signed them on the deck near the tail where you don’t wax. I like that the swirl on the bottom stays uninterrupted that way, also if making a board just for myself I have never really seen the point of writing the dimensions out, if I want to make another one you can just measure the original. Just my opinion, though.

If clear resin hits cloth then it is clear, I use that technique on occasion, works pretty good.


maybe I could pour clear resin over the stringer at the beginning…

Then do the color.

She’s done!

Check out resources 12 hours after this post.

Shipman , you better get over here before I wax it!

that looks sweet, I want to do that one of these days, I must get the basics of glassing down first