first shape.

hey guys.

my first shape finally came out, and looks good i have on top 6oz+6oz and bottom 6oz, with resin research epoxy.lemme know what you think about it, sry bout the pics it was in my drying room (tent) will post more pics when sanded and fins are in.



looks kinda twisted.

i don’t think it helps that it was on a bucket on the grass.

Are those lines shadows or a paint job? If they’re shadows draw around them and get em painted in… I like it! It could be that the lines add to the illusion of it being a bit twisted.

no that was the mesh material from the tent that i had it drying in. bugs seem to be very attracted to the resin. who knew!


Looks good! You’re outline looks great and color work on your first, your a glutton for punishment. If this is going to be your first time sanding be patient and go slow. I’m finding that sanding can be one of the most important steps and if not done properly is a gate way to frustration hell.

How did that tent thing work out? I was looking at those big cheap mesh ones the other day for that exact purpose.

Looks good from here. Have any more pics?

the tent was probably the best idea ive ever had, it lets air circulate and also keeps all the bugs out when drying, i don’t have any more pics at the moment, ive been a little tied up and haven’t been able to put fins in, and will post more when i do it. cheers!


No home-built surfboard is complete without a few bugs, dog hairs, or air pockets.

You get extra points if you can get the bugs or dog hair IN the air bubbles.

Nice looking first effort. Spending the time to get the outline right helps the whole process,

doesn’t it?


Gotta get me a tent and some dog hair.