first shaping

i have been looking at recently at the kits. i have always been interested in shaping and was wondering what i would need to buy from them to get started, i am thinking a fish shape for my first board. Which videos and kits would i need for this?would i need anything else? thanks for all your help.

sorry, it is

Shaping 101 is probably the best resource for shaping a board. It should show you what tools you’ll need. Besides the tools you’ll need an area to shape your board. An enclosed area at least 8’x12’ should be sufficient. Having fluorescent side lighting will help a lot, it casts shadows to let you see better contours during the shaping process. Of course you’ll need sturdy racks to rest the blank on too. Check the previous post from Krokus titled “Humble beginnings” a good pic of a well set up shaping room.

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