first surfboard patent to be filed?

I am looking for when the first patent for a composite surfboard was filed . The oldest patent I have found a patent dates back to 1943 by L. S. HOWLAND. Now, given the history of surfing, im quite certain surfing was an established sport long before that. 

I thought a bunch of surfboard enthusiasts could shed some light on when was the first patent for a surfboard filed and what was it called then? maybe it was filed as “floatation device” which is why I havent been able to find it. Please note I am interested in the first composite surfboard!


You have probably already found it.  I assume you are doing your search on the USPTO  website?   You might also search the name Pacific Homes.  Or generic words like paddle board or rescue board.  The further back you go the more the terminology and description changes.

I think the word ‘composite’ might screw up the results. For example, I found a device for ‘surfing’ called a ‘surf board’ and/or water sled from 1933