First template, this OK?

Making my first board, and just did this template. This will be a 6’8" for a 13year old. Look ok?

uhh…i think,i mean it looks like a template…its hard to really see the whole thing at the same time on here…how does it look to you?..lokks pretty smooth i guess but does it look good to you ,and fit the measurements you are after? if it does then its just perfect i guess.

Looks like a nice swallow tail tri fin template.

Why the pointy nose on a fish designed for pocket riding in small or hollow surf?

Most true fish are shorter than the rider, but wider than conventional board, so you GAIN float and paddle for small waves.

Of course, it will be fine for twin, tri, or quad, or even quint performance.

Here’s a cool tip from daddio’s - put on your sweater and slippers light up the pipe and have a seat in your easy chair in front of the fire while I 'splain to 'ya - files

Get some white school chalk from the local five and dime > take that template outside on to some nice white concrete > trace your template shape > flip it over trace the other side to make a full width outline > then stand back and give it the old eyeball > place the kid on it to add a more realistic touch > get back and squint > rub the line off with your sneaker and fix it so it looks right then transfer changes to your template and recut it > if there’s not enough material don’t be afraid to start over…

ps I usually start with cardboard or paper before wood.

Why even listen to that crusty old idiot. Why I oughta…

Use a photo editing program.

Or draw the outline on the computer to begin with!

I should have done that, but now I think it looks too fat.

Here is the look I was going for, just have to thin it down a little:

Nurse, better get the patient on life support - stat.

I accidentally jabbed the liposuction needle into the patients heart!

Daddio means trim the ears 2’ back from the nose, trim the hips 15" up from the tail.

and for a 13 year old, or most surfers, chop 2" off that death hazard of a nose.

Man, that template is so close to being almost right on I couldn’t believe it. Great job for a first effort - latelifer! Can’t wait to see the finished effort - please post a picture!

My third day working on the shape. It is a little fat and thick, but meant to be. This board is to start weaning him to a short board, but he needs to get up on it for his confidence.I know the nose is a death trap, negotiating with the Kid to round it out a little. However it will be used in the foam over the sandbar at high tide until he gets better and it is pretty empty there. He is a beginner and I have a 7’3” funboard I bought him for Xmas, so this board is to keep the stoke over the winter (for both of us).

BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! (father/son days)

About the nose: The first sketch is my 18 year olds self-shaped nose - at least it’s not a chisel.

The second one will interest you, it’s fairly rounded with a nose protector on it. This is how I did all the noses on his boards when he was around thirteen. With the incredible job you did on your sons board, you will be getting commissions from your sons-friends-parents, I guarantee it, that’s what happened to us. I tried to make the nose as safe as possible and even put pro-tec fins on them. Good luck by the time he’s eighteen years old!

The Surfboard Nose Protector or Nose Cone is a little, inexpensive piece of surf equipment. It serves two purposes. The first is that it helps prevent damage to the nose of your surfboard if it happens to run into anything. The second and most important is that it transforms the deadly pointed nose of your board into a much less dangerous weapon, and could make the difference in keeping an eye. All the squeamish people have now swooned or logged off in disgust, but seriously - the nose cone is a relatively cheap piece of safety equipment, one that you never think about but certainly will if you happen to need it.

Nice job LL.Looks great!