First three boards (many pics), thanks to everyone at swaylocks!

First thing:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who takes their time to post advice and wisdom on this forum.

I honestly and truly could not have made these boards without the archives here. I don’t have anyone whom I can watch shape or glass, so all the tips, tricks, tools and techniques I used to make the boards pictured below I found in the archives. The only other source of info I had was shaping 101 and the surfermag design forum.

All I can say is that I had a lot of luck mixed with careful planning and extensive research here on swaylocks.

Thanks guys (and gals),

Here they are, Mostly Harmless Surfboards #0001, #0002 and #0003.

shwuz, NICE BOARDS! just wanted to be the first to compliment…but truely they look great. I like the art work, and a resin swirl ? I still havent worked up the courage for that… goood job!

Shwuz, great looking boards. You must be feeling pretty proud, I know I would be. Are they the first 3 boards you have built?platty.

yes…veeeeery cool . i love that dark blue! nice work.

Is that a brush hair in the gloss???Just kidding…those look really good.The pins remind me of old retro motorcycle pinstriping.Proof that Swaylocks works…thanks to Mike Paler.

these boards are way too good you should be arrested for excelent accomplishments …if yoou ride these and wreck em your folks will put ypu on restriction for sure that blue swirl is a mile deep good job lad and they survive the close up test… ambrose… ride - on

Great looking quiver. You’ve got your bases covered.

Nice Work. Love the resin swirl. You are starting off with some nice stuff!!

those board look freakin awesome. you must have some experience with pinlines (autobody detailer?) - those cannot possibly be your first ones.

Nope, those are my first EVERYTHING! First time touching foam, first fiberglassing experience, first tints, first setting fins, first pinlines.

All it takes is much patience, and willingness to over-prepare and over-research (thanks again swaylocks) for EVERY step of the process.

The first question everyone has asked me when I’ve shown off my new boards is, “Nice work, when are you going to start selling them?”

I’m not, never planned to. And I think that is the reason I managed to do such a nice job on these. I knew from the very beginning that these boards were going to be for my quiver and my quiver only, so I took the time to make sure that they were everything I wanted them to be from the very start. I think, no I know, that if I tried to do this kind of work for someone else, I wouldn’t have the kind of results I came up with on this batch. There is just something about doing this type of project for the pure love of the art of surfing itself that inspired me to create far beyond what I thought I was capable of. If I were doing it for monetary gain, I think that inspiration would be subdued by the responsibility of creating a quality product for the consumer.

I certainly didn’t do it to save money on a quiver of quality boards. For what I spent building these boards, I could have ordered three clear boards from my local shaper, and probably had them done sooner!

This is a call to arms for all of those who are thinking about making their own. You can do it! I did!

Just research, research, research. Before I did my first lam (with cutlap) I spent many hours reading everything I could find here on the subject of cutlaps and glassing. Before I did my second lam with cutlap (the dark blue swirl) I spend just as many hours researching tints, slobjobs, acid splashes, swirls, etc… Same goes for the inlays, the logos, the hotcoat, the pinlines, the fins, the “cheater” gloss I used… Just have a plan in your mind before you start, and have every step of the process lined out in your head. It is not rocket science, it is art, and we all have that creative potential within.


Very. very beautiful work. You’ve inspired me. Thanks. Mike

Very nice!

Way better than my first…second…third…fourth…

Amazing… I’'m working on my first board right now and I’ll be happy if they look half as good as any of those. Awesome!

Very, very nice…I hope my color comes out as well…

WOW!!! NICE WORK!!! Very nice. How are you going to duck dive with that big grin on your face?