First time fin making.

I have a longboard in the works…first one I’ve made since 1995.  This time I decided to make my own glass on fin.  Layed up a panel this morning.  34 layers thick.  Shaped it this afternoon.  Came out absolutely perfect.  Very fun little project.   I may be making shortboard fins in the future.  I can see how this could become addicting.

By the way, any spots in the pictures are not in the fin.  I doused the fin in water and took pictures quickly to capture the effect of what it will look like glossed on a board.





Nice work! I love clear colored fins to!! Opaque is k for old school look also…

nice  !


how wide [base] and deep , did you make it , Mako ?


  red tint is fun to work with eh ??


yep, it DOES become ADDICTIVE …you have been warned !!  :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see it on the finished board  [? and read a ‘ride report’ , perhaps ??]

keep up the good work !




yup, fins are addicting…

fin looks good!

you should get yourself some G10

fin looks really good! and i second chrisps advice on the g10 just foiled some out of it and love it!


I made this with scraps and cut offs I’ve saved.  I’ve looked at the G10 and that stuff is expensive.

By the way, this fin is directly off of the website.  Gotta give another shout out to them.  All quality stuff on that site. 

When I was into making fins to fit FU boxes, or glass ons, I found that doing layers in different colors had a nice look and it also helps when foiling. The colored layers tell you where you are, so to speak.

I had some like that on a twin fin w box fin - they looked k. The fin I wished I kept was a “blue black clear” fu single fin I had in my west cliff surfboards stinger! I bought that board on the spot the second time I visited the shop!:smiley: good times back then. That was when surf shop’s sold wax, fins and board-no bs involved !FYI - I was a loyal customer at that surf shop, and never knew why they closed shop. At the time I was hurt - bcuz when ur a teen shit just hurt that way…I just thought those guy’s were cool man! Dunno, it’s kinda a growing up thing; you have surfing mentours, good luck charms, and people & surf shop’s you put up on a pedestal… lol. Good shop’s like will be forgotten - it sucks how the good thing’s come to an end. But that’s life, and all we can do is wait for their returns… or make shop’s like that in their memory. - Jim

Now we have something to glass this fin to.


Nice woodpile, I mean fin. Like the looks of that board too.

Knock with your elbows when getting a beer for

am I hijacking the thread if I share my latest ?


looks great on that “YELLO” board ! sticks out ,and shows your work !


Not my woodpile.  Borrowed a friend’s shaping shack for this project.

Putting the finishing touches on this build.  Very happy with this one.  Still a little sanding and polishing to do but good enough for a couple snapshots.


share away!  Love to see what you got

The fin looks great on that board - how do you have it attached?

Fin is glassed on with fin rope followed by 2 layers of 6 and a layer of 4.

Had a little wave this morning.