First time installing a Futures longboard fin box

Few things, first I am second guessing myself whether this fin box system was a good idea… I made an agressive “V” out the tail for a 70’s inspired single fin.  I’m worried that the futures longboard box will be too wide, cuasing me to grind more than half of my “V”.  Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, what is the bets method to maintain as much “V” as possible?

Also, what is best technique to keep my router square to the board when resting on a deep V.

By the way, the deepest part of the V is 5/8 in., which is the start of my fin box.


Hope that makes sense,


I love the futures box. That being said, we still put Bahne boxes in boards like that. because they are easier to match the shape of the board.

Good observation.

Though the Future box seems stronger being under the glass.

It is a foot long flat spot in the tail rocker.

Special board, special fin = glass on?

All the best