First time shaper Rail width

Im shaping my first hollow wood and im wondering what a good rail width before starting to plane it down, i was going to go with a pretty steep curve

prolly should throw in its a 8’6" mini mal 22" wide

define "rail width"

the thickness, i was using 1/4"x1 strips and i didnt know how thick to go with them

If you plan on sanding the rails to shape, I would definitely go with 1/4" thick.   I build hws but don't use rail strips, nevertheless 1" seems a bit wide to form to a rail contour. 

Got any pics to post?

working on it, ive been working incognito in my appartment, gets loud and messy sometimes until i can get my stuff over to my dads shop

pictures to come soon

is there a better rail system?


"better" is a subjective term.  There are other systems.  You could probably start a thread on the subject, here or at the Tree-to-Sea forum