Fish demensions

another fish thread, i apologize.

Today i found myself leaving home depot with two 2" blocks of EPS foam and a jug of elmers glue.

Im planning on making a stringerless twin keel fish but I’m not 100% on the demensions that will best suit my size/surfing conditions… I’m 5’11, 165 lbs, average surfer, surfing 2-8 feet beach break. What would you guys suggest? Also, how deep of a buttcrack/how far away should the tips of the swallow tails be from eachother?

Rocker - ?? Fairly minimal in a fish i suppose?

Glassing - epoxy, 3x6oz deck/2x6oz bottom?

that and anything else would be appreciated…

Thanks a lot.

Hmmm. How about between 5’8" and 6’ 4". 16x21-22x16. 1 3/4 nose, 2 5/8-3, 2 inches in front of center, 1 7/8 tail. Ten to twelve between the tips. 7 inch deep butt crack. 7x5 keels with rear edges in line with the crack 1 1/4 inch off the rails. No cant. No toe in. Tons of stuff in the archives including the photo archives, shores. Have fun. Mike

…interesting [?freudian?] spelling, in light of Dave Parmenter’s article [see 'daddio’s posting , " if you care about…pt.2 "]

[ that said, I like fishes and ride them regularly. ]

mine are 5’11 and 6 ’ 1…hicksy’s daughters have the 5’5

all are 20-20 1/2 " wide, 2 1/2" thick …noses range from 14-15 1/2", tails 14-16". I used fcs plugs on two of the three, so I could use homemade twin fins or keels.

the pod is 7-9" on each [tip to tip]. The ‘butt crack’ [!!] not that radical…4" on them.

  okay, I hope this helps !  


p.s. - I am 5’ 10 " and 145lbs

Awesome thanks guys, im gonna glue the foam today.