Fish Egg Potato SBC

Not really a build thread so I chose to be DisQualified right now…

This one was shaped by Stingray , painted by Mutant Mike and glassed at Oceanside Surf Industries. You can check out Mike’s work here…





Backyard hack shapes 3 surfboards. Fish and Potato are EPS US Blanks 6-2A. Egg is a homemade hot wired EPS blank


Nice boards!

This is a Ben Shipman Tamarack Trashcan Fish 5’11" x 21 1/2" x 2 3/4". Ben never used EPS / Epoxy. I got his blessing to copy his shapes before he died of cancer.


The Fish and the Potato have the same rocker


I call this egg 'Lil Sister. It is the little sister to a board that got sent up to Huck…that one is named Murphy’s Law. Started with the same blank / rocker / outline template…but a totally different finished board…very refined… fun stuff here…and 100% low tech. Hope to get some board swaping going with this one…7’10" x 21 3/4" x 2 3/4"


'Lil Sister got sent over to Mutant Mike for paint work…I gave him total freedom… I’ll post it up when I get the board back!!!


Sort of a copy of the Firewire Baked Potato / Sweet Potato…for a good friend…longer and not as wide. different rails. more rocker.

5’10" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8"



Airbrushing EPS with spackle is tricky. I base coated the board with a few light coats of white primer first…More photos as the boards progress

have a great day today!


I like fish shapes a lot and the outline of that one looks fantastic. also really like the tail of the potato. 

Excited to see the more of those boards!


You do beautiful work.

Got any more EPS 7’11R’s before you turn them all into mini longboards…thats my favorite blank ever.


Boards look great…you have been busy…I thought you said you were swamped at work?  and bang you got 3 boards pumped out?

wow, super nice shape!

Overtime comes and goes…got to jump on it when you can…The “man” had me lined up for massive OT…things did not go his way…I’m still employed…ha ha…wish I had a few extra blanks for Resinhead…nope…just some dumb jokes…having fun!

Great work Ray!

Only your too clean, ah? LOL

Keep up the stoke!

Racks not level?

Actually I have one leg that is 3/8" shorter that the other leg…and My right ear is slightly taller than the left ear so my glasses are always cocked to one side. My whole world is and has always been slightly not quite level…You know what I mean?

Glassed the Potato using Resin Research KK PH. 6 ounce bottom …6 / 4 top. Free laps. After the hot coat cured I went to town sanding with 60 grit…That sander has been rebuilt 4 times. I now run it at half speed. The shop vac cuts out the sanding dust. Sometimes you just have to go slow…


and then…after machine sanding and hand sanding with 60grit . I do a second hot coat. Not required. Not recomended. Lots of extra work. I can lay that last coat of resin down so nice that you might just want to live with it. Super gloss. A few bugs and craters…and Orange peel. Not bad. For personal boards I will sand the rails and bottom to 220. Deck gets waxed!