Fish Fest 2003

All of you Swayloholics from around the Bay Area ought to make it out to Manuel’s Fish Fest at the Moosh. Sound’s like it’s going to be a board swapping, bbq’ing, tellin’ lies by the fuego good old time. I may be up there to check in. Watch out. Ambrose may show up with a truck load of wood.

date please…?cheap flight?..i own the wetsuit…all I gotta do is ditch…but last time my wife took down 3 40 foot coconut trees that took me a month to clean up an get back to board building … ambrose …living the sugestable life

oh yea …its too cold…i just figured the date…ambrose

Manny- We are amped out of our minds, i am coming with the van loaded full of vintage fishies and 14 year old pilots. All else is on hold- what else can we bring? Hey Ambrose- can you go to Omoities and bring a couple of liliquoi pies? Ol Uncle Steiny

Not to worry Ambrose – you’ll always be the Fleishacker king in my book.

thanks steiny, i’ll try to get some kine bbq marinade from this old korean lady i know in daly city…oh, and if you see thomas, make sure he knows to come out and bring the yellow pavel fishy–it’s the one that started it all for me >>> manny

I don’t have a fish. Manuel - Can I come anyway?

forwarded your email to him-he should be back today. fired up!

hi folks, i decided to hold the fish fest since most people i know don’t own a fish, and unless you borrow one or buy one it’s hard to figure out how well they surf. i’ll have four to five boards for people to borrow and surf - twin keels, canard quads, twinzers, and good 'ol twin fins. just bring your wettie, a log to throw on the fire, and maybe some food if you want to throw something on the BBQ >>> anyone who wants to bring a fish or any other funky board is welcome to as i’m sure my board pile will be out in the water…see you there!