Fish Fins - Boxes or Glass-ons?

Hey guys, I’m building a fish for my second board. I’ve been reading about all of the different fin setups people do. I think I’m going to keep it basic with two fins. At first I was going to make my own fins and glass them on. But I started thinking about the advantages of having them be moveable. I have seen a few boards pictured here with fins unlimited boxes. If I go with the boxes, how much will the gap where there is no fin effect the board? Is it even worth it, or should I just glass-on and hope they work well? I think I like the look of glass-ons better. Any advice or comments?



Go with the boxes. The open channel will have little or no effect on the board. However you can always make spacers to fill the box after you have found the optimum fin position. Changes in fin position can have dramatic impact on board performance, and at the same time provide you with a valuable opportunity to learn.

I use clear packing tape to cover up the slot in front or behind the fin. Cheap, easy, and essentially invisable.