fish for floridas small surf.

I am planning to soon shape my first board. It will be a classic fish shape. Big butt crack and keel fins. Im planning on it turning out to be 6 foot in height. Could someone recomend some other dimensions i should use for the board. Some widths for the tail, nose…etc. And what would be a good thickness.



Check out Tom Neilson’s board of the week. I think there are dims there too. I have seen this board ridden on 2 footers just south of cocoa beach and it worked well for the guy.

Where in florida do you live? I am in Jax Beach and would be more than happy to get you some templates.

i am from florida to i live in lakeland right now. you may also want to type in fish dimensions or bigger fish 6’9 A. there are tons and tons of info in the archives.

good luck

i live in Ocala, Florida. i would like to borrow some templates but that is a long drive so im not sure.

Just have dk hook you up I’m sure he would be more than stoked to help you out…

yah im hoping to head over to dk’s place to watch him and have him help me out soon. just have to find the time to do all this.


Just have dk hook you up I’m sure he would be more than stoked to help you out…

just what i was going to suggest…DJ’s good people.

thanks for the responses, i am heading over to dk’s house today and will get templates. i will keep everyone up to date on how this project goes.


The following is from the archives, I saved a lot of data to my files while researching for my Fish (which came out really nice)

Let DK guide you he is gaining experience and getting better all th time. It is always easier to be taught than to teach yourself

Good Luck


TIPS:Make sure you make the tails narrowed(pinny)and the crouch deep(6"-7")so the trailing edge of the fins almost meet the split.These are the dimentions I would go with: 6’- 6’2" x 21" x 17-1/2"n x 16-1/2"t,tail tips = 10" apart ,wide pt. = 3-1/2" up, 2-3/4" thru 3-1/4" thick.Nice boxy rails with a 1/8" - 1/4" tucked hard/sharp edge all the way around.Keep the deck(leinear) and rocker flat with just alittle nose flip in the nose tip(3-1/2"nose kick,and 1-2" tail rocker).The foil should be full all the way to the nose with a beak and foiled slightly to the tails.The bottom shouldbe flat no vee or concaves needed.GOOD LUCK!!!..Herb.

6-0 x 21, 17" n x 16-1/2 tail tips are 11" apart 7" deep…2-3/4"-3" thick. got it!.Herb Spitzer

I pulled out my 1971 Broomtail Fish template. The measurements are as follows. N 17", W 21", T 16", tail width 10 1/2". The notation on the template was for 2 5/8" thick.

EDIT: These figures are for a 6’0" board.

Bill Thrailkill

Shaper since 1958