Fish from a 6' 9" A blank

I’m considering making a 6’6"X 21" X 2 1/2" swallowtail fish from a 6 9 A Clark. If i put my template on the centre of the blank, can I pretty much leave the rocker as it is? Does anyone have any advice for this kinda board? All constructive comments appreciated.

I shaped a similar board (though a bit thicker at 2 3/4) out of the same blank. I just positioned the template on the blank until it looked right, and it turned out that I cut all the extra length out of the nose. Rocker is flat, flat, flat and the board is fast, fast, fast. You can increase the drive with wider base side fins and a small trailer. Good luck!

thanks for the info white lung. Your rocker apex must’ve been quite far forward using your template placement - does this make it a big wave fish!? just thinking about shaping 101 comments re rocker placement. seriously does moving the apex forward suit a fish shape?

I’ve just finished glassing my second retro board made from this blank - love the blank - truely a “swiss army knife”. My retro fish is a 6-2, 21 wide, 3" thick. The shape was almost centered on the blank - what’s that, about 3-4 inches off the nose and tail. This gives a really nice flat rocker, and a balanced nose rocker for this length. Great bottom setup. I used the natural rocker with a little rocker (1/2") added to about 12" of nose and tail during shaping - didn’t touch the deck any. The flatter rockers of the retro fish is what helps give it speed! Great in fast waves both big and small! What are you guys using for fins - glassed on or what?? I like the retro look of glassed on - but also like to travel. Trying to find a better option than Futures, FCS, or RedX. Might end up making my own removable retro fins. Chesser