Fish fry time again

so not sure where you guys want this but it’s time to do another fish fry. I plan to do this every four months, so if you can not make  this one there should be more.

4-16-16 from 5 to 8pm At 3647 handcock st.  I will be cooking fish for who ever wants to come hang out and eat some food. There will be fish tacos and lettice wraps for food with soda and water for drinks.  So let me know if you have any questions





Wish I could make it. You know how to catch’em and cook’em.  Nothing better that fresh fish and some beers, talk story. A damn good time.  mike

I wish…

A very generous offer. Onya.

Did not see this until the nite before.  If it were next weekend I would bring the Ceviche.  If you do this once in awhile I’ll make it sooner or later.  I get down to Hancock St. Every so often.  Lowel

Sounds like a nice event.      Can’t make it this time.       With a little lead time, I can smoke some fish, to go with the beer!

The best thing about the event is you’re up and about and back at it.  Way to come back strong sdrepairman. Inspiring!  Mike

I would like to attend the next Fish Fry.  Is there an email list to get on to get notified of the next event?  How do you usually put the word out?

Where is 3647 Handcock St?  I Googled that in S.D. and it looks like Sanford and Son’s place.

And just to make sure I’m on the right path here, this is an event that’s main focus is the Fish surfboard design?

If you look really close you see Fred out in back sanding a board. Welcome to Sports Arena/Point Loma/Hancock Street.  Lowel

“Sanford and Son”? Don’t look too hard in the yap of that hoss. It is a very kind offer. Wish I could attend.

Ok so I will be doing these every four months.  So the next one will be on July 16th from 5pm to 8pm. Hope you guys can make it. And if you have any questions just send me a pm and I’ll try to help you out, and thanks for the kind words.