Fish Progress MK II

Well, rails are done to the best of my meagre ability. Foiling went a bit wrong with a wonky back half and a little bendy/warped because I took too much down and left the mid thickness for later, not realising that it would turn out askew. Also, the swallow didnt work out too well either and the deck is not as flat as I would have liked but the bottom is flat and the thickness is about right. Other than a few dents, dings and bumps after dropping the blank on the ground, its ready to glass at some stage.

Here are some photos.

PS = Rooster - doing the fins now, cut out those Pavels and going to tackle the foiling this week!.



Hey thats looking pretty good to me - dont play it down too much - I’ve seen many that yours beats hands down. When shaping the swallow I take a temple from the nose profile and use that in reverse on each side of the swallow - I think it may be a traditional method and kind of matches the nose to the tail - just kind of looks right.



Thanks for the encouragment TS. It looks like it wont surf or even float me, but its my first one so i dont really know what to expect. That bloody swallow was a pain in the ass. Should have made a curved crack which would have been easier to shape than a boxy one - still, its done and at least there is some thickness there. Next fish will be different - i can see myself becoming addicted to board making - plus it keeps my mind off the flat spell we are having through summer here.

Now to the fins!! and then the glassing!!

Onward and upward


Hey Aj,

I thought I posted this yesterday. Must have hit the wrong button. Good looking board. Double foiled or single? It’s going to ride great. Mike


That bloody swallow was a pain in the ass

wait tull you glass it

AJ72, that board looks sweet mate!!. I just finished a fish, the first board i have finished. Works fucken great mate!!!, I still cant believe something i made by hand surfs soo good. Dont stress , itll be fine mate.

Cheers, beerfan

…glass it soon , eh , before occy gets wind of his next potential meal !

hope to catch up for thursday at Colin’s …and maybe watch the “glassing 101” d.v.d , before you do the deed , eh ?

cheers Aido !


…when it is all done , maybe we could try for a "fish-type board " day at york’s happening…what do ya reckon , mate ?

[pascal has one , I have three , kiricore has two …should be enough to go around , methinks ! Then , maybe ? film it? …all we would need is a vid operator . Do you know anyone good with a vid , Aido ?]

Thanks fellas,

Glassing should be interesting as ive only done dings and such. Having fun with the fins at the moment - Rooster - will single foil the pavels but might do some others double foil - plywood is cheap!.