Fish riding

I’m a newbie at surfing but i had done my first board (6’8") last summer and i’m learning to surf!Now i can stand up in my board but i’m not a pro…I want to make another board and i love the fish shape, but i dont know if it will be easy for me to ride it because i dont have much experience!Can any one give me an advise?!

My first board in the attachment

Thank you very much

A fish is not an easy board for a beginner. It takes experience and control that beginners have not yet mastered. If your interested in the retro design, why not try a short single fin with a rounded pin? Something eggy and fun. You’d be surprised at what you can do them. 6’6" x 16 x 21.5 x 15 x 2 3/4" thick. It will make it a lot easier to transition to a fish once you get the feel of the single fin. Take your time and have fun!

Sr Pato

It might just depend on how much you surf. If your going often enough, you might as well make what you want. A fish is easier to do well on than a wafer-thin shortboard and tons of people ride those when they are learning. I love my fish, and was started on it by a friend who was kinda in the same situation as you. His first board was a 5’10’’ and really meaty with wood keels. Ive found one that really seems to work well, so its all about experimenting.

In my opinion, a fish is a pretty easy board to ride. Wide and thick,nice stable platform. Fast once you get the hang of it. If you can ride that 6,8 you can ride a fish 4 or 5 inches shorter. Mike