Fish vs. hybrid

How much different would a big modernized fish(6’6"x21"x3") surf compared to a hybrid shortboard (6’10"x20x3")in conditions such as Newport and HB. JOhn

I think in Huntington and Newport I would prefer the hybred. The fish would be OK for small days but would be a bit restrictive for my taste. One of each would be best.

Thanks for the reply. I agree on having both. First shortboard I shaped was a 7’3" hybrid that I really like. Wondering what you mean when you say the fish would be restrictive. I guess I 'm a little confused about the difference betweeen a big modern fish and a hybrid. Does a 6’8"x21x3 modern fish sound about right for a guy 6’2" 190-200lbs. John

Restrictive on the number of days it would be the prefered board. The fish design would probably only ride up to head high comfortably while the hybred would go into much larger surf. Huntington and Newport do have a bit of punch so again I would probably enjoy more days on the hybred.

So the fish would be a better option on the smaller weak waves(wind swell) kinda like I learned to surf in L.B.I in NJ(hurricane season and winter.

Alot depends on the rocker and width of the fish design. If you go for a narrower more nose rocker fish you can ride fast tubes, but if you go for the flatter wider nose fish your gonna have problems in tubes. That’s why you want several different designs ie. heavy/lite, fat/wide, narrow 191/2" wide 21".

Right, John. Like Full Force said you can design a fish for better waves but the measurements you gave make me feel that the hybred would be the preferable board for the surf your going to encounter most.

Thanks. The second short board I did was somewhere between a fish and a hybrid. It is 6’10"x20.5"x2.75" with a 13" nose and a squash 15" tail, singlt to double concave. It surfs pretty good but I’m looking for something as short or shorter but with the float. An ugly thick board doesn’t bother me either. My 7’3" works great and is kinda gunny but I having the shorter board to pump and turn and saying my board is under 7’. Funny I used to only ride longboards and said I didn’t care about shortboarding until I surfed one. John