Fish vs Swish? (swish?)

Okay, so on a more modern performance shortboard you can have the "fish"tail, modern fish tail that is

which isnt anything like the retro fish. It is more like a triangle shape wedge cut out for the tail. Now that

is established… I came upon an “old” design up in the rafters of a local around my parts, that is similar to the

modern fish tail, however instead of being a triangle… its more like an eliptical cut, no angle… half moon or whatever

but not large. Kinda like the modern fish tail. I’ve never seen this and thought it was really interesting.

ANy feedback on this? Performance, similar style experienced?

A freind has one of those in his board. Its a short thruster and he says there’s no noticable differance between that and a rounded square on the board.

Hey OS,

Have you got a piccie you can post…

…I did and do my personals with this hook tail…

check for ex de bonzer 5 10 in the resources

its like the swallow

like this? (attachment at bottom - had some trouble finding the ‘posting photos’ thread…)

a friend of mine has a board with a ‘half moon’ tail and says that they work for stalling?? like in tubes and such…

i’m also very curious too.