Fishtailing and UK Fish Fry pics

Feedback please - When I shaped my first fish I went with a quad design and wanted double bumps/wings. After looking at several shop boards I went to work on my template. However, since I didn’t have a Pavel Speed Dialer board at home to closely study I figured I’d use a winged board I did have as a guide. It is a single wing “rocket fish” type board. I went a bit too deep with the indentations, but the actual wing outline is pretty true to the model.

Here is a pic:

After finishing the board and riding it (it goes well), I looked at shop boards again and realized how far off I was from the type of board I originally had in mind (funny how that works):

So now that I am getting ready to shape Quad Fish Chapter II, I noticed a funny thing. I started seeing some pro boards lately with tail outlines like mine. Had someone seen my Sway’s postings when I finished it last year and copied it? I doubt it! But then I look through the UK Fish Fry pics today and see this from Rich Pavel:

So now I am really confused about how to draw out the bumps/wings. One thing about my board - when I’ve surfed it in less than ideal and choppy conditions, it felt like the tail was “unstable” or there was “too much going on back there”. Sorry, I don’t know a better way to describe it. So this time around I was going to be sure and make my bumps very subtle, like the GH above, so as to best imitate the very popular Pavel design. Now I’m wondering how much difference it really makes. And also why people are trying the more blunt wings now when previoulsy I had not seen any like that. I’ll most likely go with the more fluid/subtle outline, but wanted to know what people thought the differences would be - why go one way or the other? Maybe someone who was at the UK Fry and heard Rich Pavel speak has some info on that board.

PS - I’m really joking about people using the blunt wings after seeing my board since they’ve been around forever on twin fins etc.