Fishy fin advice needed

Hey guys, so I recently shaped a 5’3”x20 1/2” traditional-style fish. Since I know most fish are designed with good, down the line waves in mind, and because the waves where I live are generally terrible (SE NC) I made some adjustments to my keels to ensure the board would stay really loose. Basically I scoured the forums for all the posts that talked about keel placement and used what would lead to the loosest combination. I used smaller, more modern-styled keels (blending curves template) that are 5” height and 6.5” base, set at 7” up from the tips, 1 1/4” in from the rail and toed in 1/4” with a 4* cant. This lead to my board working but feeling squirrelly. Ive had a couple sessions in fairly clean/semi chunky chest high surf and I feel like I’m having to nurse my turns frontside to keep from spinning out. (She doesn’t go backside at all but I expect that from a fish)

So my options at this point are

  1. deal with it. I’m good at adapting but that doesn’t allow me to tinker with anything in my garage and therefore is the least fun option.
  2. move my keels back to 5 1/2” from the tips in order to tighten her up
  3. larger keels set at the same place
  4. switch to a twinzer setup with 5 1/2” deep main fins and 2 1/2” canards and set at whatever is suggested.
  5. twinzerize my current keel setup with the little canards I made and the current keel placement
  6. sell the board and ride a thruster because that’s what I do my best surfing on anyway

So what would you do? I like the simplicity and look of a board with glassed on keels but need something drivier than what I’ve got.

Pics in order that they’re posted:

  1. current setup
  2. twinzer fins I made
  3. keel with twinzer
  4. board outline

The fins are made from some regular 1/8” plywood that I had left over from another project. Pretty happy with the way it turned out even if the foils are kind of funky

Too much toe… too much cant.

Take no offense but those fins looks like some pretty janky foils. Could be causing some of your issues as well.

Haha none taken!