Does anyone know if a five inch sanding pad is available with a 5/8th inch threaded arbor?     They're available with a 1/4th inch shanks, for use in electric drills, but that's not what I want.     Any advice is greatly appreciated.

   Howzit Bill, Those would be great for inbetween fins on thruster. The only difference is the one bud linked is thinner but I think that may better pus you can buy 2 for the other ones and still have enough for a beer or 2. Kudos to Keith and bud for coming up with the souces.Aloha,Kokua

Hey Bill.

Is a 6" Power Pad too big ?


I’m sure you could carefully trim down a 6" pad to 5" by cutting the smaller diameter circle, then spinning the disk up to speed and gently holding the edge against another wooden sanding block to true up and re-bevel the outer circumference…

You’d lose some of chamfered “dish” shape built into the power pad but not enough to notice I’d bet…


I was hoping not to have to go that route.    It will be my last resort.   I've done that in the past, just don't want to now.    Lazy, I guess.

uh oh…what are you up to?!

Gonna detail the stones maybe??? You earned 'em, save’em. I’ll look around in the woodworking catalogs for one.

Maybe Probox Larry?

I bought one at Harbor Freight–hook and loop, so I can use my discs from the random orbital sander I already have. I didn’t see it listed online though.

Ferro makes them.  I have an 806L, which is the 6 inch version (super soft) but the 805L is the same thing except 5 inches.  Our local tool depot (Sports Arena area) usually has a pretty good assortment of Ferro pads, they might have a 5 incher in stock.

They also make a 5 inch medium pad, # 60655V. 

here’s a place that sells them online


Thank you.    That is exactly what I'm looking for. almost the same thing for 1/2 the price?


Thank you, that is a great find.

FYI I ordered some pads from SJ discount a few months ago. One got shipped immediately, the other took about 2 months to arrive, but they never emailed or sent a message indicating that the item was backordered. It did come eventually, but I’ll probably never order from them again.



   Kudos to Keith and bud for coming up with the souces.