Fix for a glass shatter

Okay so I just finished hotcoating my new board. I put it on the rack to dry and hear a crash in the garage. You know the story. My brand new longboard now has the perfect imprint of the tuna can I used to install the leash plug. It left a nice little 1/4 inch deep 4 inch round circle in the deck. 3/4th around the ring the glass is shattered. Is there anyway to fix this. I heard something about grinding it down to the glass and using a lot of styrene in the mix? What is the best way to go about fixing this? Or is my new board screwed? Herb, Kokua HELP!

…Sand prep the damaged area first…then…Just wipe with a saturated cloth of styrene,or drip some styrene on the shattered area.if the shatter is exposed it will suck up the styrene and disappear.Then just put a little sanding resin over that…and resand.Herb

Herb how far down do I sand? All the way to the glass?

…You shouldn’t have to…without being there it’s hard to make that call.Just prep the surface first,then wipe/drip the styrene on the effected area,if the shatters don’t ,for the most part, completely diappear,then you need to sand deeper.Try not to hit the foam or it will show in the finished work.Herb

Thanks again Herb. One more question. What is the best way to fix the depression the can made? It is about a 1/4 inch deep. I want to try and fix it without it being notice? Should I fill it like a ding? Then surely you would notice it. If I added a piece of glass again you will notice the color difference. Should I let hotcoat fill it? Then I would think it might be too thick and crack easy? Any advice?

…fill it with clear sanding resin and either my diaper filler or milled fiberglass.Herb