Fixing a Buckled Surfboard

I have a 9’5 board that has a snapped portion on the deck, does not go all the way threw the board.  It was also repaired on the nose and is now nose heavy.  Any advice on fixing the snapped portion and having the nose redone to lighten up the board.  

Boards been well used, but I think I can get more life out of it with some work.  My first time doing any major ding repair.  

pictures please

here are a few pictures

…What buckle are you talking about?  Looks fine to me!  keep surfing it as is.


Send a picture…Get with the program kid…How can we help you if you send blurry shit like this?



Surfboards are like dogs, very difficult to decide the right time to put them down. Lol

thats the truth phebus, will get better pictures after work of the damage

I think I can see the buckle. I would sand down that area. if there is no delam, fill and sand smooth. Then do diamond cloth patches getting bigger each layer that fully wrap the rails. I would usually just do 2 6oz for a LB but that me. Finish normally. The nose looks super water logged. Might not be worth the work. I would cut all the delamed glass off first and put it in the sun for a few days and check to see what the weigh is like after that. Unless its sentimental I would just build a new one. 

I have removed the glass were the board started to buckle, also stripped the nose and it fell apart. Cut the nose off and I am reshapping it into a blunt nose.  Will keep posted on how it comes out