fixing a ding!!!

aloha everyone, I was just wondering if when you are fixing a ding, before the board is glassed, which is better…cabo-sil with white pigment, or resin with sugar? also,…Does anyone have any idea how wide I should make the laminating racks???..Last but not least, this pry sounds stupid, but WHEN DO YOU PUT THE PINLINES ON? on the foam, or between lam & hotcoat, or what??? MAHALO so much for all your help. peace & aloha, Cherish

You can try a blowdryer, to expand the foam back a little bit, just be careful with it, might want to practice on a piece of scrap. It depends on how bad the ding is: A large gouge, you might consider cleaning up and sizing a piece of scrap to fit in it – pretty easy if you havn’t glassed yet. Really small or narrow slits can be filled with lightweight spackle, you can’t even tell so long as you don’t paint over it. Other than that, I use cabosil and white paint, but that’s just preference. Pinlines can go just about everywhere. If they go on foam they will be protected by the glass. The only problem is that if your laying multiple colors next to each other the masking tape has a tendency to pull up specs of foam – with paint on it, it can become a real hassle. But if your hotcoat isn’t sanded well, little scratches can make excellent channels for paint to bleed through. Cheers,

Howzit Cherish, try using Q-sel for the filler. You don’t need as much resin since Q-sel expands the you add to the resin,and it’s usually easier to sand. Cabosil and the resin sugar mixes are heavy where with the q-sel as you add more not only does it expand but get lighter in weight. Hope this helps. Aloha, Kokua