fixing an epoxy fracture ...

i’ve got a few fractures in my epoxy board about 1" x 1", nothing major, just as you see in the picture. thing is, no one around here will fix an epoxy board. the guy at the local surfshop said to forget about dingleberrys, etc., and just use the 5 minute stuff from the hardware store. for one thing, it’ll dry clear instead of white.

what he said to do was tape around the fracture and rough up the surface w/ 80 grit. paint on the epoxy, let dry. leaving tape on, sand with 100 grit. remove tape. sand w/ 150 grit. go surfing.

does that sound abou right? is the regular ol’ generic clear stuff okay (i hope so, since i don’t really want white blobs here and there on this cool clyde beatty jr craft)?


Ive used that 5min epoxy for repairs before and it worked fine. Thing is though that stuff turns yellow BUT i can see your board has color so its not really a big deal.

I put a whacking big hole in the nose of my epoxy, cleared all the splinters out, was about 40mm across, I filled it with solarez at the beach and went surfing, got it home, sanded the surounding area, and just lumped more solarez onto it. Waited a while and sanded it back to the lines of the nose. It’s pretty clear and was dead easy to use.

I’d prep with rubbing alcohol after sanding. Paint on the epoxy after the rubbing alcohol dries, and cover with waxpaper to smooth it out.

The 5 minute-epoxy comes in a clear version now too.

It there is any structural component to it add some glass for strength.

In general, treat mild epoxy dings just like mild polyester dings, except

  1. clean with rubbing alcohol instead of acetone

  2. use epoxy instead of polyester resin.

Pigments, cabosil, etc, all the same.

And use gloves, don’t get epoxy on your hands.