Fixing Broken Boards: Take 623 (Rocker Adjusting Technique)

Copying and pasting from my post in another thread here’s my guess at the rocker adjusting technique, kicking off where Bill Barnfields fixing broken boards finished. I am placing this in a separate thread as some people may find it easier to find and useful. Or not. This is all assumption by the way but anyway, tape your bottom half (the board that is) to a pole of some kind leaning on a very slight angle. Place the top half of the board on the bottom half. Watch which way the top half leans. Preferably catch the top half before it hits the floor. Tape the bottom of the bottom half of the board to the bottom of the top half of the board on the side of the board opposite to the way the top half leaned. Check your rocker. If it’s off, undo the tape from one half of the board and let the top half lean a touch. Stick the tape back down again. I’ll let you figure the rest out on that one. Going back to Bill Barnfields post now and lining up the rails of the board. Notice how a piece of tape is on both rails, crossing over both halves. If your board is off from left to right is probably going to show quite clearly as a wrinkle/dip in your masking tape. I’m about to embark on my first snapped board repair, here’s hoping I make it back alive. Godspeed and may the force be with me. Fanmail and autobiography requests can be private messaged.