flaked pinlines ?

Im looking to flake a white pinline

any suggestions ?

Welcome to Sways Wyatt!!

What do you mean by flake, something like a ye olde worlde paint texture maybe?

Im doing a coke bottle tint and wanted to put some gold or blue flake on top of my white pinline. I saw it done on a couple of boards. Any help would be appreciated


Is your pinline going to be a painted pinline or a resin pinline?


Since you are doing you pinline in resin, my vote would be to mix the glitterflake into the resin for the pinline. But since you are doing white, no go. If you are determined to use resin, do the pinline twice, once in white and then clear with the glitterflake mixed in…

I do my metalflake work in acrylic. Mask off, lay down a just thick enough basecoat color to get enough hide, then spray the flake mixed with Future, and finish with a coat or two of just Future, then pull tape. I get my flakes from here, wait until they have a sale going on…



Sooo…Flake is the same as glitter???

Maybe you want a metal flake finish…Maybe you need to use metal flake paint… maybe dust on some glitter from the craft store while the paint/resin is still wet…maybe I’m just a flake…My daughter has a cool pink/purple board with glitter sprinkled in between coats…looks good…sorry no photos…



thanks for the input

im going to do the white pinline and then hit it with the flake

on the 2nd go around

ill send a photo to you after im done


Hey wyatt,

Here’s a pic of light blue flake over black and over grey on a paipo:

I think flake comes out best with a base color darker than the flake itself, unless you use a lot of it…post pics of your results!

The effect is great; as you move, different flakes reflect light, a constantly changing picture…