Flat spots on your rail

I just got my new custom board from a shop in Japan. I checked the rails when I got home looking down the rail of my board ,there were 2 flat spots near the center width line.

Is there going to be a big differece in riding and if not what kind of disfunctions could it have?


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Small flat spots will not make very much difference. Do the flat areas affect the outline shape or just the shape of the rail?

The flat spot is on the rail. If you look down the rail line you can see 2 spots where the rail goes straight instead of being perfectly round. A friend said that if the rail isn’t perfectly round then water releases early instead of releasing through the fins which slows you down or makes your board bog out.Is that true? Still interested. Thanks!

Where are you in Japan? Who made the board…I lived in JP for about four years and got a board made…

Where are you surfing?

Just so I understand you right, is the flat spot a deck to bottom flat (ie the rail is no longer round) spot or an error in the outline of the board?

Usually if you see a flat spot it is in the outline.If you don’t get that right the rest will be off.A sign of poor workmanship and good reasom for a return…but,the board may still ride great.Some of my best boards were whacked but rode fine.

Yeah, I got married to a Japanese girl moved from Hawaii to Osaka Japan. I’ve been living here for 3 !/2 years. My friends said this is the worst place to be a surfer because the beach is so far away. The nearest beach is about 2 hours away it’s called Isonora Beach and it’s in Wakayama. This beach is known for being dirty and crowded . When I say crowded I mean one little beach with thousands of surfers. You should see the summer. It’s crazy! This summer I’ll take a picture . This maybe the only beach that you can’t take off. I think everyone will be surprised.Well I got my new board so it’s time to see if the thing works do or die time. Japans alright but I hope to go back to Hawaii as soon as possible.

Interesting…I too am married with a Japanese girl. I lived in Tokyo for 4 years and decided it was time to come back…

We are in Los Angeles now - First time I’ve lived here - first time she’s lived here…its not a bad place…there are lots of

Japanese living here and lots of stuff (japanese supermarkets, restaurants, services…)…I’m sure Hawaii is pretty similiar…

Are you teaching in Osaka?

There is a lot of surfing close to Tokyo - It is not too difficult to avoid the crowds…Surf is generally small…but fun.

Nihongo dekiru?


Yeah, like I said I’ve been living in Osaka for 3 1/2 years. Actually my Ex-girlfriend was a surfer from Chiba, so I spent about a year in Tokyo and Chiba. I built a small english school about 4 months ago and things have been really good. I found this sight while trying to figure out why my boards have been so shitty and have been coming here almost everyday since. Great sight lots of information. People seem to be very cool. I figure I would get my foot in the shaping door here in Japan. I’m riding for a new Japanese surf shop and the shaper said he would teach me to shape. Well there’s no way anyone in Hawaii would let just anyone in their shaping room let alone teach them to shape. So I figured if my shaper would just teach me the basics I could develop style and skill on my own. Anyway I hope to build my school alittle bigger then I’ll hire someone to run it then I’ll go back to Hawaii. Man, I miss home so much. Kick it with my friends, BBQ’s, Northshore. Can’t wait!

I have a lot of family in Cali and my bestfriend got married and now is living there. I’ve still never been there. I’d like to go to San Diego.I here it very beautiful and nice waves. What’s the surf like and how’s the crowd? Boku no nihongo wa amari umakuni demo mama ni dikiru. How that?