Flexability of q-cell deck channels.

How much memory and flex does a thick, not runny mix of q'cell and epoxy have?

The application I would like to use it in is to add a little more stiffness to my stringerless eps blanks, maybee through some deck channels? 

Is there any filler material that can be used that has good strength but also has some flexiabilty?

Would fibreglass strand rope pushed into some deck channels give me a little stiffer feel while still allowing the board to flex?

My glassing skills are ok but i would rather go down this road as opposed to the carbon, kevlar track in which im sure i would create a weak point in the board, and it would look catastrophic.....

     Howzit rakeflip, They originally used the glass rope to help prevent the boards from breaking. Personally I think it would be rather a mess to deal with and never had one come through my shop. As for holding the rocker I don't see why it wouldn't work since once the resin has gone off it is hard and going to hold the shape it is in. Is this poly or epoxy resin?

This is very left of field and would need the backing of some with prior experience but what about bamboo? Perhaps using bamboo in your deck channels. Could you not get some stems and let it dry out and take some shavings from it and lay them in your deck channels?? Make your shavings as long as your deck channels and lay them in and seal with some epoxy.


I guess if you had some type of rail gauge you could dig out some parabolic channels and lay in your bamboo and set your stringers -I have been toying with idea after a few beers in my bro's backyard last night which is laiden with bamboo. I think they would be a good assest to a stringerless eps board - the variable being how much resin is needed to hold it together and how much that resin takes from the flex.

sorry to derail your thread.

There are a million clever people on here and im sure someone has done something along these lines.

Hey Bee

Why dont- you try to make a test panel? its pretty quick and easy.


I would maybe try to lay in some fiberglass rope in the channels rather than just qcel and resin, Qcel and resin may be hard from a compression standpoint but will still just crack when flexed.  Fiberglass rope will actually add some flex rigidity. 


Pretty neat idea, I’ve had plenty of luck with the stringerless eps boards and just a 3/4" patch or even diamond patch in the middle of the board on the BOTTOM to keep it from overflexing and cracking. 


Or... Balsa, palownia or cherrywood rails.  Easy to do and adds LOTs of strength but maintains the flex.


      Howzit solid, That's how it's been done in the past so it's a proven method. I think Q-sel would just crack since it has no strength to it and is only a filler. Aloha,Kokua

Kokua - do you reckon fin rope parabolic deck channels / alternative stringer would hold a rocker? 


I have made a little gauge to dig out a 5mm channel - and was thinking about pushing in my rope / glass and saturating it.

How about using Carbon Fiber inserts, without all of the bulk  and weight of  lots of resin? Strand widths and lengths available at marine and Aircraft suppliers (ie:  Aircraft Spruce–Homebuilt aircraft), and several high tech Marine suppliers- A lot of surfboard, kite sailing, windsurfing  suppliers also—I believe, that with all of the various weaves available, you can strengthen something in any direction you need . Just a thought–Let us know what you find to work…



Probably lay the rope in dry and pour the epoxy into the channel. Work the resing a little with a gloved finger and let it set.


The option to finish would be to leave the deck channel to be glassed or fill with either a. flexiable spack filler or b. pour foam?


3rd option - order a few new customs instead....and get onto working on the house, doing extra shifts, whats it called 'oppurtunity cost'