looking for somebody who can help me out with some flexfins

would love to have them in different sizes.


greetz Angelo




I got my Proteck fins from Surfco Hawaii (surfcohawaii.com). They come in various sizes fin configurations and stifness/flexes. I personally use the regular (75a) with edge flex on my SUP and have been very happy with them. One time I got “cleaned up” by a head high wave and I landed pretty hard on the thruster (so hard in fact that it crushed the futures box into the board) and I came out with a very deep bruise only. Another one of my friends riding a board with a standard glass fin had an accident that put such a deep gash in her thigh that it required a trip to the emergency room with inner and outer stitches, and later got infected.

Good luck with them. Unless your some high performance “ripper” I don’t think you’ll notice any performance problems with the fins.


I'm assuming you are talking about flex fins, and not plastic flexible safety fins?

If you are talking about fiberglass fins that have flex then:

Talk to Fiberglass Fins / Probox Larry Allison.  He makes kick ass fins, and he completely understands fins.....all sorts of fins especially single fins, but not limited too.

Go to the ProBox blog...or summons up the man himself here on Swaylocks.

If you do talk to him, have your note pad handy. There will be a test at the end of his class.

Sounds funny but it ain’t!  I recently took a fiberglass fin to the tailbone in a freak wipeout, unbelievable pain. Just a few weeks back Rick Swagler (“Snowman”) of Malibu showed me a horrendous scar on his calf muscle from a fin puncturing it in a Jalama accident. I am now very interested in safety fins (can’t find Proteck, or anything like it, in two tab fins 'tho), and in finless surfboards, specifically, the Hot Curl. Still sore and walking funny, hurts like heck when I sit!

Google Rainbow Fins.  They’ve got several.  The A-Flex by Marc Andreni is pretty popular.

I’ve foiled a few flexible fins over the years. Flexibility does keep greater engagement through the turning moments.

There are many variables when it comes to creating fin flexiblility. The thick to thin progessive ratio of the foil is a starter.

The resin choice, fiberglass and or carbon cloth type and their placment in fin panel all have their effect on flex modulus in

any give template and depth.


Send me a P.M. if you’d like me to make something.


Stay Stoked, Rich

PM sent, thanks Rich.  Safety, not performance, is my priority here.  :slight_smile: