flexing bonzer?

I’ve been thinking of how to add flex to a bonzer design.

The bonzer design is inherently stiff because of all the fins back there. So I was thinking- put the runners in a single FCS cup and then glass on a cut away center fin. The single cups and the cutaway limit the length of the fin’s “stringer” effect.

I found this in the archives-

I was told the bonzer was refined with stiff contruction in mind, but with all the new techniques out there why not experiment? Add the flex twang to the bonzer drive?

Comments? Observations? Anyone using cutaway fins? Anyone know how to angle the fcs tabs on a fin?

Perhaps going FCS on all the fins would be a start.

leavbe the sides alone and get a flex center for the box.

A 7" greenough paddle or Surfco (proflex or softflex) 7" flex core if you want to simulate it on a bonzer

having the 2-4 sides flex would’nt do anything with the single still there.

I might have an extra clear proflex lying around if you want to try it…

sounds like a good idea jeff

i think 2 plugs would be okay just give the insert a small footprint

and i think a short shalow box at the tail would be okay

you dont want the tail to any thicker then a fcs plugs depth at the trailing fin on a thruster

to get the flex