Floodings in hawaii

just heard about that on FB; I know Robin Mair is OK but has anyone got news from Ambrose? I hear that it was especially heavy in Kauai.

The flooding has been worse in certain areas, mainly areas near streams. Hanalei is unique because it is downstream in an area that has no other place for the water to go. The land lays low with respect to sea level, and it has been used for crops like taro that grow in water for thousands of years. It always floods there whenever it rains hard. This was an extreme amount of water though. I hope Ambrose’s property it OK. I think his shop is built on the ground. If I recall Robin’s house was slightly elevated, maybe 2 or 3 feet above ground.
If Ambrose’s lot is close to a stream, he may have been flooded. I can’t remember how close he is.
Here on Oahu, the shoreline where I would normally surf was full of dirt Saturday. Probably 10 miles of coastline was brown water 100 yards out. All the communities along the streams had flooding.