Florianopolis (Brazil)...any Sway folks there? Or can you give recs?

Hey All-

A long time since I posted but I'm now living in Curitiba, Brazil, about a 3 hour drive from the surf mecca of Florianopolis.  We're going there this coming weekend (30 Oct-2 Nov, in Praia Mole, to be specific) and I'd love to hook up with any Sway folks to surf.

Any recommendations as to where to rent longer (9'6"+) boards and/or wetsuits (if I need one....do I)?

Thanks!  Any and all help greatly appreciated!


PS: Please post up or (better yet), send me a PM.

hope u had a good time in Floripa. u really should check out Ilha do Mel off the Paraná coast. Some great waves to be had. Check Praia Grande, Prais de fora or Farol and if u are really lucky u might catch the legendary Parallelas working. One of the best waves in all Brazil.