Florida Blanks

I have been ordering my blanks from Foamez and have to pay $130 evry shipment of 4. I heard there is a Clark place in Melbourne, FL which is just south of here(new smyrna). Anybody know any info on this? Is it just for business parteners or for personal shapers too? Or does it even exist? Also help save our waves in Smyrna at http://www.savesmyrnainlet.org .Engineers are extending our jetty which will destroy our surf and surf industry here which brings in 8 million annaully between over 2 dozen shapers and shops. Thanks Josh

It does exist, just drive in and pick up your blank, that’s what I’ve done. They’re more than willing to help, especially if you pay cash. Clark Foam Florida 2775 Business Center Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32940 Fax: (321) 256-2664 Phone: (321) 253-3626 Mapquest their adress if you need directions.